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I just want to say that I had a really nice experience at our session yesterday. I felt I could really speak to you and you really understood me. You’ve made me realise that my issue is more fear than simply just being shy…Thank you so much again. Yesterday meant a lot to me and today I feel better.


(After the 2nd session) Thank you. I’m so glad I met you and that I’m finally beginning to uncover my fears that have prevented me from dating and many other aspects of my life. Your skills and knowledge are exceptional. Each of the two times we’ve met I’ve went home feeling so much better and you have opened up a whole new world for me. If I write down all the concepts and useful information you’ve given me, I know I will succeed. Hey, imagine I never knew I was an introvert? Now it all makes sense! Thank you so much again for everything.

W. - Naas

"… As for the session it was far beyond my expectations. Yes, I will use the word, 'amazing'. The fact I've never spoken on my work for nearly 20 years was some achievement on your part… to say thank you is just too little. I had sensed from your advert that you would be excellent and I wasn't wrong. The journey for me in the coming weeks is going to be interesting and hopefully all will work out."  – Ed (Naas) 

Ed - Naas

"Dear Nancy,

Thank you for the coaching sessions.  It is the first time I have had two coaching sessions in a row, and I am quite shell-shocked at how powerful it was.  It has given me the evidence I needed, that coaching really does work!"

S.W. - Ireland

"Nancy, you have excellent rapport skills, and I found your feedback direct and strong, without being judgemental or directive. I truly felt that you understood me, and that you would do whatever it took to support me to move forward. I learnt a lot from your use of the GROW model - you were very good at getting me back on track, and focused on the reality and the actions" 

Natanya (UK)

"Thank you so much for the workshop I attended on Saturday. I am happy to report I have been able to achieve my goal and carve out some necessary “me-time” this week without feeling guilty as I usually would. I took a day off and went for a half day walk in the mountains I am starting a yoga course and I’m going to go for a run this week too.  Thank you so much for the wonderful tools & sincerity you were able to transmit in such a short amount of time. You are a gifted teacher and I look forward to our individual coaching sessions together."

Patrizia - Italy

"Nancy is warm, compassionate and so easy to trust. I have loved working with her on various aspects of my life and I am so grateful for all her hard work and patience"

Anne - Ireland

"To say that Nancy is a natural teacher is an understatement and is obvious after only a few minutes in one of her workshops. She has a unique ability to simplify even the most complicated of subjects while using her wit & humanity to make you feel like you are the only person in the room. Moreover she has experienced so much of what “Joe Soap” faces in his/her day to day life that she can connect with you on a very real & compassionate level. Working with her has inspired my work & personal life and I am so very grateful to have picked up the phone when a friend handed me her business card"

Marina - Ireland

"My coaching sessions with Nancy have given me the time and space to reassess where I'm at now, and create new and innovative ways of overcoming various obstacles in my path.  Her insight and understanding have ensured that I come away from our sessions with a heightened sense of clarity and renewed motivation.
Her coaching has been challenging, strong and gentle at the same time.  She creates a safe and trusting environment, and handles sensitive issues with awareness and respect.  She has impeccable integrity and total commitment to the success of her clients.

I do not hesitate to recommend Nancy, and will continue to use her services whenever I need an extra boost of insight and energy in the future" 

Mark - (UK)

"Hi Nancy, A quick note to say I really appreciate the time and consideration you took with me.

Because of you, I have been able to overcome many barriers so far and I have so much more confidence in my work. So, thank you so much again" 

Charles - Ireland

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"To say that Nancy is a natural teacher is an understatement and is obvious after only a few minutes in one of her workshops. She has a unique abil...
Marina - Ireland

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