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What is it?

Holistic wellness coaching is a new type of coaching which integrates mind, body, heart and soul. We are all energy and our systems are all interconnected. Your health issues may be caused by emotional trauma, your depression may be nutrition related, your insomnia may be a symptom of loneliness, your anxiety may be linked to a desire to live a more authentic life. Everything is connected.

When I qualified as a life coach over a decade ago, I found it limited in how it mainly focused on goals and life plans. It spoke to the over-achiever in me but not to my need for self-love, health or spirituality.

Stress, anxiety, over-working, people-pleasing, toxicity and isolation are more common in our world than ever before and can have devastating effects on our physical, emotional and mental health. Most of our friends and family don’t have the time or energy to listen to our concerns or to offer the support we need.
Deep down we all know what changes we’d like to make in our lives but all too often our ego jumps in to sabotage our good intentions. Holistic wellness coaching offers you the support, compassion and guidance you need to make choices and life changes that your mind, body, heart and spirit are crying out for. It also keeps you from wandering off your path helps you stick to your commitment to a better life. Moreover exploring what Your Inner Truth is trying to communicate with you, helps you connect to your soul’s purpose and create a life of deep fulfilment.

Who is it for?

If you would like to make changes and improvements to any or all of the following areas of your life then please let me support you and facilitate your journey.


  • Stress management
  • Embracing being a highly sensitive person
  • Living a mindful life
  • Uncovering limiting blocks and beliefs
  • Negative self-talk
  • Low self-confidence / self-esteem
  • Relationships
  • Brain-storming new ideas


  • Healthy nutrition
  • Exercise plans
  • Weight loss
  • Creating a treatment plan for chronic illness (especially Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)
  • Toxins and how to deal with them
  • Discovering what you are really hungry for


  • Finding your passion and purpose
  • Listening to Your Inner Truth – what your soul longs for
  • Coming out of the spiritual closet and living an authentic life
  • Creating a spiritual practice
  • Releasing judgement and embracing self-love

How much does it cost?
Initial 30 minute Skype / phone conversation    FREE
(This is to see if we are a good fit and will give you a better idea of what I do)

Coaching Sessions (in person or via Skype)

  • €70 first session of 90 mins


    €50 per hour thereafter

  • €230 for a course of 5 sessions (paid in advance)

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Ed - Naas

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Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or medical expert of any kind. All of the information contained in this website is based on my own opinions, personal experience and research.

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