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Cookie Monster

As a recovering food addict, I know how difficult it is to create a healthy eating plan and stick with it. Emotions, psychology, comfort-eating and self-sabotage all play their part in trying to lure me back to the habits I am trying improve. It doesn’t matter that I feel great when I eat well and crap when I don’t, when the Chocolate Digestives are calling my name, all reasoning and rationale can go out the window quicker than it takes to open the packet! 

Nowadays, I win the battle more often than not but on the days when I am really struggling, I find it helpful to watch the videos that have inspired me and educated me on my path to health. Not only do they serve as a distraction to the Cookie Monster type monologue in my head, (COOKIE!!!) it also reinforces why I chose to eat healthily in the first place.

Get Inspired

At this stage I have probably watched the majority of films and documentaries on nutrition that are out there, however I am listing below the ones I found most beneficial when I was first starting out. Please click on any of the highlighted links to take you directly to the sites and/or trailers. 

If you are a member of Netflix you can watch Forks Over Knives; Fed Up; Food Matters; Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (1 & 2) and Hungry for Change.

There is a site called FMTV which was created by the producers of Food Matters and is like a Netflix for healthy living. On FMTV you can watch Food Matters; Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (1 & 2); Hungry for Change; Food as Medicine; What's with Wheat and Super Juice Me as well as hundreds of other healthy lifestyle documentaries and interviews.

Both Netflix and FMTV offer free viewing trail periods if you have never been a member. You may also be able to watch these videos on Youtube for free and Super Juice Me is available for free viewing at You can also watch Jamie Oliver’s amazing Ted talk on Youtube by clicking here.

Knowledge is Power

Not only are these videos educational they are also inspirational and all feature everyday people like you and me who struggle with food choices on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis. I highly recommend watching some if not all of them. Chronic disease is on the rise and most diseases can be greatly improved or even prevented through diet and lifestyle. Believe me when I say that you only really appreciate your health when it is threatened or compromised. Invest in yourself and your future by getting educated and making the little shifts to a healthier lifestyle TODAY. This is not about diets or 3-day cleanses, I'm talking about permanent lifestyle shifts that you will reap so many benefits from - I am living proof of that. And if I can do it, anyone can. Happy viewing :-)


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