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Danger, DANGER!!

The media is full of hard-hitting headlines regarding health and nutrition. It’s big business. One day wine is good for heart health, the next day wine will kill you! Even websites dedicated to alternative therapies have articles with titles like “What this superfood is REALLY doing to your brain!” or “After reading this you will never eat broccoli again!” For years butter was demonised with low fat spreads being the way to go. Now that theory has been completely turned on its head. Fear sells. It’s a minefield and the stress and confusion it causes does nothing for your cortisol levels!

There's no magic wand

I have learned there are many reasons why I developed CFS. There are many layers to the onion that took years, maybe even decades, to manifest fully as physical symptoms. It would have been great to have someone wave the proverbial wand and have my symptoms disappear over-night but the truth is the investigation into any chronic illness is usually a step-by-step process. Yes heavy metal toxicity was largely to blame for my illness but there were other contributing factors as well. 

Trust your gut

It is so important to trust your own body’s feedback. I can’t emphasise this enough. Just because a “healthy” food or supplement worked for someone else doesn’t mean it’s right for you. How do you feel after its consumption? For example I recently discovered that red kidney beans do not agree with me and yet their health benefits are touted constantly (one online article lists 39 benefits!) Your body is always giving you feedback the question is: are you willing to listen? 

Are you REALLY willing to listen?

Now at this point you may be saying “Yes, yes. I’m willing to listen!” but are you really? What if your body told you to give up wine or smoking or chocolate? Are you still willing to listen? 2 years ago I had gone to bed wondering what the heck was causing my fatigue. I awoke the next morning with the word “sugar” like a neon sign in my mind. I intuitively knew this “hit” was right but my inner Cookie Monster quickly convinced me I was wrong and had plenty of “evidence” to back it up! It was only when I had no more avenues to go down that I had to face the reality that sugar was in fact a part of the problem. (I’ll discuss this in a later blog) 

Go easy on yourself

My point is we are all born with intuition. Sadly as we grow up we are constantly taught to over-ride our gut feelings by our parents, teachers and other authority figures with their interpretations of right and wrong. What if your physical ailments were giving you the gift of learning to trust yourself again? Be gentle with yourself. Eliminate should, have-to, need-to and must from your vocabulary and stop using them to perpetually beat yourself up. You are doing the best you can and you have done nothing wrong. We all know junk food and other lifestyle choices are bad for us but we are all on different journeys, we have various lessons to learn and we will only make changes when we are ready. Others may not understand or agree with your decisions but what other people think of you is none of your business. As your holistic wellness coach I can help you get honest with yourself and tap into that inner guidance. It's my job support you in creating and implementing a tailor-made plan just for you. 

As a fun experiment this week try asking yourself the following questions and in a relaxed manner see what comes to you and write down your insights. You may be pleasantly surprised with the answers!

1) What is my body/this pain trying to tell me?

2) What is my intuition trying to tell me that I’m ignoring?

Have a blessed week everyone. Be happy, be healthy and most importantly be yourself! 

A note to the reader

Please Note: I learn best by writing and rewriting what I am learning until it is a permanent fixture in my brain. First and foremost these blogs are my way of retaining the information I have learned over the years. I really want to emphasise that my articles are by no means a “bible” to be followed to the letter by anyone but me. Having said that, I urge you to read all my blogs with an open mind and if a little bell starts ringing when you are reading any part of what I write, than by all means make a note and investigate it further to see if it might be a path that’s right for you. My biggest takeaway from having CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) is to always trust my intuition, my own Inner Truth – it’s what gave me answers when no-one else could and I would encourage you to do the same.

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