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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Cookie Monster

As a recovering food addict, I know how difficult it is to create a healthy eating plan and stick with it. Emotions, psychology, comfort-eating and self-sabotage all play their part in trying to lure me back to the habits I am trying improve. It doesn’t matter that I feel great when I eat well and crap when I don’t, when the Chocolate Digestives are calling my name, all reasoning and rationale can go out the window quicker than it takes to open the packet! 

Nowadays, I win the battle more often than not but on the days when I am really struggling, I find it helpful to watch the videos that have inspired me and educated me on my path to health. Not only do they serve as a distraction to the Cookie Monster type monologue in my head, (COOKIE!!!) it also reinforces why I chose to eat healthily in the first place.

Get Inspired

At this stage I have probably watched the majority of films and documentaries on nutrition that ar...

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Thursday, 08 September 2016


A weight loss course for those who have tried time and time again to lose weight but can't seem to keep it off.



I have struggled with my weight all my life. Diets rarely worked (I just piled on the pounds again afterwards) and even when I was exercising and eating well I still couldn't shift my pot-belly. Finally after lots of trial and error, I got to the root of my weight gain and how to lose it once and for all.


While researching information on how to heal my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome I discovered that our bodies are as individual to us as our fingertips. What works for one doesn't necessarily work for the other.


As your Holistic Wellness Coach we will spend 8 weeks together looking into the physical, emotional and spiritual reasons why YOU can't shift the pounds. 

Topics that will be covered include:

  • Why your body wants to store fat
  • Why diets don't work
  • Why it's not just about calories in / cal...
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Why I'm coming out and why you should too.

Saturday, 16 July 2016




There, I’ve said it. 

What are you thinking right now? 

“Oh no, this girl is whackadoo. I need to unlike her Facebook page asap lest anyone think I’m a religious fanatic by association.”

“Oh no, she uses words like lest so she must be a nutjob!” :-D

“Nancy has crossed over to the darkside.”

“She has been lured into a cult.”

“Will she use crucifixes and rosary beads if I go to her for Reiki or coaching?”

“Nancy is going to recite passages from the bible next time we go out for dinner.”

“We need to save Nancy from herself.”

You may be thinking one or all of the above or you may have your our version of the same. However all I ask is that you read this blog to the end then you are free to take whatever action you feel is appropriate. 

This is my day to come out of the spirituality closet.

I LOVE GOD - How can three simple words create such fear and anguish? 

I haven’t written a blog in weeks. Not because...

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Fatigue - The Causes

Thursday, 02 June 2016


Fatigue does NOT equal over-tired!

Firstly I’d like to begin by discussing what fatigue is and what it isn’t. It isn’t a lack of sleep (although that can be a contributing factor) and it isn’t how you feel after and busy or hard week at work. Most people think fatigue just means extremely tired and while some of the sensations may be similar the reality is quite different.

The fatigue I experienced meant I was exhausted ALL THE TIME even after a good night’s sleep. Upon waking I felt like I hadn’t slept at all. I’m a morning person and I usually jump out of bed full of energy so that was a big sign for me that something wasn’t right. Not only was I exhausted, I had no energy whatsoever sometimes to the point where keeping my head upright seemed like a huge effort. My body felt like I had been doing manual labour all day. In fact one physical therapist told me the muscle and joint pain I was experiencing was usually only seen in ma...

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One Size Does NOT Fit All

Friday, 27 May 2016

Danger, DANGER!!

The media is full of hard-hitting headlines regarding health and nutrition. It’s big business. One day wine is good for heart health, the next day wine will kill you! Even websites dedicated to alternative therapies have articles with titles like “What this superfood is REALLY doing to your brain!” or “After reading this you will never eat broccoli again!” For years butter was demonised with low fat spreads being the way to go. Now that theory has been completely turned on its head. Fear sells. It’s a minefield and the stress and confusion it causes does nothing for your cortisol levels!

There's no magic wand

I have learned there are many reasons why I developed CFS. There are many layers to the onion that took years, maybe even decades, to manifest fully as physical symptoms. It would have been great to have someone wave the proverbial wand and have my symptoms disappear over-night but the truth is the investigation...

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My Journey - The Final Instalment

Friday, 20 May 2016

Where to from here?

2015 certainly hadn’t started as I had intended. I tried going back to the gym but my poor body just couldn’t take it. I walked around in a haze as days turned into weeks, turned into months. When I look back now there is little I remember of that time. I had some acupuncture sessions to keep me ticking over but on the whole I felt numb.


I had promised myself that I would host a workshop in my local area some time that year and I was determined to make it happen. Sundays came and went and very little progress was made on this front.
While researching a space for the workshop in late 2014, I had come across a therapy and counselling centre called The Phoenix Centre run by Gemma Mc Cabe. We had emailed a couple of times regarding room rental and her emails were always kind, understanding and friendly. From the moment I crashed in January 2015 I kept hearing a little voice telling me to “call Gemma, call Gemma...

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My Journey Part 2

Monday, 09 May 2016

Maybe it is all in my mind

By January 2014 I had progressively gotten worse and I had now reached a plateau. The human body and mind are amazing. In order to be able to function I was running on auto-pilot. It was as if I had never known life before this reality and when I started to think back to happier and healthier times they felt like an entire lifetime away.  I was no longer able to go for my daily walk on a regular basis and any time I did feel up to it, even the shortest walk left me exhausted. I had had to stop volunteering at my local animal shelter. This probably broke my heart most of all and I didn’t even pop in for short visits anymore because I was so ashamed that I could no longer offer help or support.
Acupuncture, a healthy diet and a multitude of supplements were all keeping my head above water. At the time it didn’t feel like it was making any difference but I know now that I hadn’t looked after myself in this way...

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My Journey Part 1

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Sick and Tired

It all started in 2012, although in reality it started a long time before but my body had finally had enough by then. I had started a new job in February and while the hours were longer the stress was a lot less. I was so ashamed that my fatigue might be due to the fact that I couldn’t hack an 8 – 5 job that I didn’t tell anyone how I was feeling. I especially didn’t want my new colleagues to know!  I had already spoken to my doctor about my exhaustion and persistent dizziness but my bloods had come back normal so he put it down to low blood pressure and/or depression, offered me antidepressants and sent me on my way. I powered on through while I got angrier with myself and my body for being so sensitive and so weak. I wish I had known then what I know now.

By the summer of 2013 I sat at home on the sofa most evenings with barely enough energy to lift a fork to my mouth while the sun mocked me from outside. Of course t...

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Love Walking and Deep Conversation?

So do I. In addition to regular coaching sessions, I also offer walk and talk coaching sessions. A great way to get out in the fresh air, move your...

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"To say that Nancy is a natural teacher is an understatement and is obvious after only a few minutes in one of her workshops. She has a unique abil...
Marina - Ireland

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