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I created this website and the work I do because I am passionate about offering hope and assistance to those who are dealing with chronic illness, are in spiritual crisis or just want to live more fulfilling lives.

My mission is to:

  • Support clients who are looking to make healthier choices in their lives
  • Offer a safe, non-judgemental space where clients can explore and express their inner truth
  • Offer coaching and guidance to those looking for a deeper soul connection (This has nothing to do with religion although all religious beliefs will be respected)
  • Offer hope and support to those on a healing journey of the mind, body, heart or soul (If I can do it, anyone can!)
  • Pass on the knowledge of how I overcame Chronic Fatigue Syndrome so that it might offer hope and help others dealing with chronic illness
  • Take all the research and information I have gained over the past decade and break it down into bite-sized, easy to understand chunks
  • Raise awareness about CFS and act as an advocate for those suffering from this “mystery illness”

I hope you enjoy the website. If you think someone in your life could benefit from its content please share it with them

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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Cookie Monster

As a recovering food addict, I know how difficult it is to create a healthy eating plan and stick with it. Emotions, psychology, comfort-eating and self-sabotage all play their part in trying to lure me back to the habits I am tryin...

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"My aim with Your Inner Truth is to share my story and to use my life coaching qualification and teaching background to pass on the information I have gathered and the experiences I have had so that they may be of benefit to you and you won’t feel so alone. I am passionate about coaching clients who may be going through a healing or spiritual crisis but most importantly about teaching people that we all have an inner truth – an inner guidance system that is speaking to us all the time but which we offer choose to ignore.

My job as your Holistic Wellness Coach is to facilitate the discovery of Your own Inner Truth, hold your hand, encourage you and offer unwavering hope and encouragement when the road gets bumpy."

Nancy O'Neill  

Love Walking and Deep Conversation?

So do I. In addition to regular coaching sessions, I also offer walk and talk coaching sessions. A great way to get out in the fresh air, move your...

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"To say that Nancy is a natural teacher is an understatement and is obvious after only a few minutes in one of her workshops. She has a unique abil...
Marina - Ireland

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Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or medical expert of any kind. All of the information contained in this website is based on my own opinions, personal experience and research.

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